Summer arrived and along with it the heat has also put its sleeves out and promises to be even hotter than the previous year. And during high temperature days, a particular appliance becomes an object of desire among all the air conditioning, designed to lower the ambient air temperature, making the room cooler and more pleasant during the day, time to sleep. However, along with the race to get a gear to escape the heat also the question arises what is the best place to install the air conditioning? And to end this impasse, we have gathered the main tips for you to know how to choose the location of the installation and to take better advantage of the potential of the device. Check out the instructions and freshen up now! In order to know more about the Air conditioning installation Geelong, you can always take the help of the internet.

Choose the room with attention

Whoever has just purchased an air conditioner and the most common places for installation are the living room and the bedroom, as they are the most frequented environments of the residence and, therefore, deserve more attention when the idea is comfort and well being to live with. No use putting the equipment in the living room if the family spends most of the time in the bedroom, does not it?

Escape two obstacles

Choose a wall to install air conditioning that will not interfere with other installations such as electric, hydraulic or gas, for example. Also, install air conditioning on free surfaces of some elements in the decoration, such as curtains, blinds and sturdy furniture, which can impede air circulation and consequently cause the equipment to work more to cool the environment and consume more electricity. It is not advisable to place the air outlet on televisions, stereos, computers or any electrical equipment, and there is at least 1 meter distance of fluorescent lamps to avoid damages in case of water leakage. The condenser, the external air conditioning unit , which is responsible for cooling the air and releasing it in the internal environment through the evaporator, should be installed standing in a well ventilated room.

Escape the sun

Another tip is to avoid walls that get too much sun. This can overwhelm the air conditioner which can have its yield hampered, as surface heating increases the ambient temperature and makes the appliance work even more to ensure refrigeration. In addition, shorten the life of the equipment.

Choosing the best position

After choosing the room and the appropriate surface, it is time to decide how to position the appliance. In the living room or bedrooms, enjoy the architecture of the place in your favor. For health reasons, the air leaving the appliance should never be released directly to people in the room. Install it above the place where you sit or sleep. You should avoid leaving the equipment near wall corners. Try to install the appliance as centrally as possible, preferably facing the largest area of ​​the room, to optimize space cooling. On the wall, prefer to fit it as high as possible, with a distance of 15 cm from the ceiling for easy cleaning. In this position, the cold air will be released evenly.

Fresh cuisine

The air conditioning can be installed in any environment, including the kitchen, which is the warmest environment in the house, especially when preparing a meal. However, this place requires special attention. It is essential to have a hood, to avoid the impregnation of odors and also that the grease resulting from the preparation of the meals goes into the filter of the equipment. In addition, due to the heat when using the oven or the stove, it is important to get a qualified professional to guide your decision on the appliance to be purchased, the ideal power according to the size of the environment, as well as the best place to the installation.

Maintenance care

Also remember that the unit will need constant care and maintenance so that it remains always clean, because when the air filters become dirty, they end up reducing the performance of the air conditioning.